The Beanstalk Montessori Nursery School Limited

Inspection Date: 14th October 2015

Previous inspection date: 20th October 2009


This provision is outstanding

  • The highly qualified and experienced provider is committed to providing children with an excellent quality of care and education. The provider uses self-evaluation extremely well to identify and maintain high-quality improvements. She supports staff to do high- quality training to maintain excellent knowledge and practice. Consequently, staff have extremely consistent and engaging teaching skills.
  • Staff form excellent partnerships with parents. Parents are extremely well informed, support their children’s learning at home and take an active role in the nursery.
  • Staff are exceptionally good role models to children and provide them with reminders about positive behaviour and strategies for them to use. Children learn to respect and value others, take turns and consider the feelings of others. They are well prepared socially for future life and the next stage in learning.
  • Staff have an excellent knowledge of how young children learn. They plan activities that are tailored to the individual needs of each child, meaning that all children make very good progress from their starting points.
  • Staff support children’s personal, social and emotional skills exceptionally well. For example, they speak to children about their home lives to help them develop an excellent sense of their own identity and respect differences between themselves and others.


To further improve the quality of the early years provision the provider should:

  • find even more inspiring ways to enhance children’s creativity and enjoyment of music during play.

Inspection activities

  • The inspector held discussions with leaders at appropriate times during the inspection and in a scheduled meeting.
  • The inspector observed children’s activities and staff teaching inside and out.
  • The inspector looked at documentation, including a sample of children’s records, planning and assessment records, and checked the suitability of staff to work with children.
  • The inspector took account of the views of children, staff and parents spoken to on the day of the inspection, and of the provider’s self-evaluation.
  • The inspector completed a joint observation with the manager.


Dominique Allotey


Effectiveness of the leadership and management is outstanding

The provider is very effective in setting ambitious goals. Consequently, the staff team is passionate, demonstrates a drive for constant improvement, and team morale is high. She recruits highly experienced staff and reviews their practice thoroughly. This has established excellent standards in teaching and care. The provider and manager check children’s progress and focus sharply on identifying gaps as soon as they appear so that effective support can be put in place quickly. Safeguarding is effective. Staff have robust knowledge and understanding of their responsibilities and of child protection and safeguarding procedures. Staff form highly effective relationships with local schools and other early years setting.

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment is outstanding

The well-qualified staff know children extremely well as individuals. They provide an excellent learning environment with a wide range of high-quality toys and equipment. They plan stimulating activities to engage all children in highly effective play-based learning. For example, in the home area children select from a range of real fruits and vegetables as they pretend to be shopkeepers. This helps children to develop excellent concentration skills, think creatively and extend their language skills exceptionally well. Staff make explorative play extremely exciting and motivating for all children. They focus their attention exceptionally well by using a range of teaching strategies, such as singing songs linked to the play, and are highly enthusiastic. This high-quality teaching helps children love songs and music, which is valuable for their creative development. However, these opportunities are not always present during free play.

Personal development, behaviour and welfare are outstanding

Staff provide extremely sensitive support for children’s emotional development. Children are very independent and confident to explore and experiment. Children form very caring bonds with their key person, other staff and their friends. Children are very settled and extremely happy at the nursery. Staff demonstrate a sharp focus on developing children’s knowledge of their own safety. For example, they help children to learn how to stay safe when playing outside. Children benefit by learning about a wide range of places and people outside the nursery on a regular basis. This helps them develop high levels of understanding about the world around them. Children have an excellent range of opportunities to learn outdoors, to learn about nature and to enjoy exercise and fresh air. They benefit from highly stimulating activities in the garden.

Outcomes for children are outstanding

All children make significant progress in their learning and development. They are highly motivated. Assessment is precise and children are exceptionally well prepared for school.


Unique Reference Number EY282682
Local Authority Hammersmith & Fulham
Inspection Number 826825
Type of Provision Full-time provision
Day Care Type Childcare – Non-Domestic
Age range of Children (years) 2-4
Total Number of Places 40
Number of Children on Roll 29
Name of Provider Anneli Isherwood
Date of Previous Inspection 20 October 2009
Telephone Number 020 8563 7508

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