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If there is one thing I know that I have done right in life, it was sending our daughter to The Beanstalk.
She had the happiest two and a half years imaginable.  There wasn’t a morning that she didn’t run into nursery happily, or an afternoon that she didn’t skip out beaming with the joy of her day, proudly waving  her latest artworks and bursting with all her news.
She was loved, nurtured, guided and taught with an unwavering patience, care and expertise from each member of staff.
The very best start in life.  I am eternally grateful.
Looking forward to returning with my twins next year

Jess Purefoy (mum to Rose)

Beanstalk is warm, kind, loving, nurturing and fun. My two sons adore it. They have played, made, decorated and danced and learned about everything from volcanos to autumn; the life cycle of an egg; kindness; sharing; football skills and how to adapt when they go to ‘big’ school. They have made close friends, become more independent with better social and language skills and blossomed in confidence.
The staff put a huge amount of work into planning activities inside and out – sports days, shows, Easter bonnet parade, outings to the theatre, library and even a coach trip to Odds Farm.
They handle the children with extraordinary love, care and patience. They are flexible with both children’s and parent’s needs and provide detailed and very helpful feedback. I never worry about my boys when they are there. They are very happy, well adjusted little boys and I am sure that is more than partly due to their time at The Beanstalk

Jane Fryer (mum to Freddy and Sandy)
Both my children went to Beanstalk. It is a truly magical environment for children and they both look back on their Beanstalk days with such fondness claiming they would love to go back there! The fantastic staff really nurtured and cared for our children and made that translation from home to school a much easier one to navigate. I believe Beanstalk and the Montessori approach provide a perfect start for children encouraging independence and confidence and most important of all happiness and fun.
Kim Freeman (mum to Lily and William)
Both my children went to the Beanstalk and I could not be more happy I made that choice. My son and daughter loved their time there and it gave them a great start in life. The teachers are warm and loving and genuinely care about each individual child. I can not recommend it more highly.
Louise Stuber (mum to Matthew and Lara)
Both my children attended Beanstalk and loved it. It’s the most nurturing, caring and creative environment. My daughter started with a stammer and was painfully shy but emerged two years later as a confident, chatty girl ready for school, where she is currently thriving. I put this down to Beanstalk’s nurturing approach – they bring out the best in every child, celebrating individual personalities and needs. I can’t recommend it enough. Beanstalk is like a warm hug to parents and children alike.
Sophie Coller (mum to Clementine and Inigo)

Both my daughter and son each spent over 2 years at the Beanstalk and it is a place filled with adventures, fun and learning for them. It is also a place that cultivates learning and gave them a lot of room to grow. There is something special there-whether it’s their creative use of outdoor play, the interesting guests they brought in to stimulate the kids or just the very devoted teachers who genuinely love children, I am so glad my kids got to have their early years’ experience at such a special place. The Beanstalk will always hold a warm place in our hearts.

Karen Go (mum to Leila and Kai)